Sunday, February 8, 2009


Eldad: Use Money for Education and Health

Reported: 16:30 PM - Feb/08/09

( Ichud Le’umi (National Union) MK Aryeh Eldad protested the government’s decision Sunday to build a new residence for the Prime Minister and said the money should go to education or health. The government decided Sunday to dedicate 650 million shekels to building the new residence.

Eldad said that the government seems to be completely unaware that the rest of the country is experiencing a recession. In addition, Eldad called on the next Prime Minister to cancel the plans and do something better with the money.

Ariel: Don’t Free Terrorists

Reported: 15:47 PM - Feb/08/09

( MK Uri Ariel of the Ichud Le’umi (National Union) sent an urgent letter to outgoing Prime Minister Olmert Sunday asking him not to free terrorists in exchange for kidnapped prisoner Gilad Shalit. Reports in the Arab press on Sunday indicated that Israel was willing to exchange over 1,000 prisoners in return for Shalit.

Ariel explained, “Giving in to the kidnappers will only bring more kidnappings.” Ariel also explained that “freeing murderers will turn Hamas’ loss in the war to a victory.” Instead of freeing terrorists, Ariel proposes that the government place pressure on Hamas by stopping the transfer of money, goods and energy to Gaza.

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