Friday, January 30, 2009

A Message from Prof. Paul Eidelberg

Dear Voters:

You have been urged by Benjamin Netanyahu not to vote for small parties.

How typical of this non-heroic politician, who thinks primarily in quantitative terms.

But know well, it is not the quantity but the quality of MKs a party gets into the Knesset that will be decisive on the all-important issue of a Palestinian state to which Netanyahu is committed, but obscures by saying he is opposed to the division of Jerusalem.

The question facing voters is not simply the size of a party but the quality of its leaders especially their political courage and fidelity to the Land of Israel. Polder Likud leaders like Netanyahu, who voted for withdrawal from Gaza when he was a minister in the Sharon Government, and General Moshe Ya'alon, who implemented that decision even though he had previously warned the Knesset against it.

Can such men be trusted to stand tall and withstand American and world pressure to withdraw from Judea and Samaria, hence to expel more than 100,000 Jews from their homes—even though this would demoralize and bankrupt the country, encourage many to leave, and of course discourage aliya? Their past deeds, not their present words in an election campaign, should guide you.

Give me a few courageous Jews in the Knesset to oppose another expulsion, which Professor Benzion Netanyahu called a "crime" when the Sharon Government betrayed the Jews of Gush Katif. Give me a few courageous Jews like Yonatan Netanyahu to stand tall and rally the people across the country to rise up against the betrayal of our country, and there will be no expulsion and no Palestinian state, that would herald the extinction of the one and only Jewish homeland.

We have such Jews in the National Union Party, and you can swell their ranks by voting for this party on February 10.

Do not be deceived by Benjamin Netanyahu's propaganda. Back in 1977, a small party called Shinui astounded the county by winning 15 Knesset seats. No one predicted such a thing. Israel's geo-strategic situation at that time was not ominous, far, far removed from the existential threaten now confronting us. Disillusioned with the Labor Party, there were hundreds of thousands of floating votes that went to Shinui.

Today there are hundreds of thousands of floating votes of people who remember how they were betrayed by the Likud Party when its leader, Ariel Sharon, adopted Labor's policy of "unilateral disengagement" from Gaza. That policy was rejected by 75 percent of the Jews who voted in the January 2003 election. These Jews, faithful to the Land of Israel, will be voting in the February 10 election. Very few trust Benjamin Netanyahu, but see his alternatives as worse—Kadima leader Tzipi Livni and Labor leader Ehud Barak a worse.

If hundreds of thousands of voters opposed to a Palestinian state vote for National Union, then quantity will bolster quality. More courageous and more faithful men and women will enter the Knesset, and they will prevent the betrayal of this country.

Yes, give me one good man or woman in the Knesset and he or she will do more than 10 wish-washy politicians. This is the Jewish teaching, the teaching that enabled Jews to withstand the world.

Professor Paul Eidelberg teaches at Bar Illan University in Israel and is the director of the Foundation for Constitutional Democracy.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Shturem: 65% of Chabad Chassidim support the Ichud Leumi

According to a poll conducted on the Israeli, Chabad Lubavitch website, 65% of Chabad Chassidim in Israel support the Ichud Leumi party. The poll can be seen by clicking here.

Find out where you vote

The Israel Government Portal ( has a handy-dandy voting location widget that allows you to find your voting station for the upcoming elections.  You merely fill in your Identity Number (Teudat Zehut) and you are presented with your voting information.

If you need further help from a live human being, you can call for assistance at 1-800-300-059.

Ichud Leumi's comic book asks: will it come to this?

Ichud Leumi Comic Book

YNet opinion piece calls for voters to choose Ichud Leumi

Click here for the article on YNet.

Confusion on the Right

Yoel Meltzer says only one party 100% opposed to creation of Palestinian state

Yoel Meltzer

Published: 01.28.09, 12:24 / Israel Opinion

Following the disengagement from Gaza in the summer of 2005 and the complete negligence on behalf of the government to properly handle the forced evacuees, the subsequent war in Lebanon one year later, the endless missiles fired upon the south and the recent war in Gaza, many good-minded Israelis are clearly against the establishment of a Palestinian state, in any shape or size, in Judea and Samaria.

The direct threat that such a state would impose against Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, as these two large population centers become incredibly vulnerable to missile attacks, is quite obvious. In addition, in light of the disastrous handling of the disengagement refugees, it is inconceivable to think that Israel would succeed with the much larger Jewish population currently residing in Judea and Samaria.

However, despite the opposition of many Israelis to the “two-state solution,” it is quite clear and understandable that the United States has a different agenda. As a result of both an economy in disarray and widespread dissatisfaction with the continued participation of American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, the new president will likely do his utmost to bring the American troops back home and “turn inward” in order to deal with the faltering economy.

It is also just as clear that Israel will likely be required, as usual, to “pay the price” for American appeasement with the various Arab and Muslim countries. Moreover, this is not something that theoretically might happen a few years down the road, but rather, something which will most likely happen within the coming year. Once again, from an American perspective this is quite clear and understandable, since America needs to do what it must do in order to preserve its teetering empire.

Just as clear, however, is the relentless and intense pressure that will be applied to Israel within the coming year in order to agree to the creation of a Palestinian state in either all or part of a Jewish-free (or somewhat Jewish-free) Judea and Samaria.

Don’t be fooled

Having said all this, and in light of the quickly approaching national elections, it is truly amazing to see that the confusion on the Right is once again rearing its all too familiar head. Although there are several political parties that define themselves as “national” or “right-wing” - Likud, Yisrael Beiteinu, The Jewish Home, The National Union – only one of these parties says, in clear and straightforward terms, that it is 100% opposed to the creation of a Palestinian state, in any shape or size, in any part of the Land of Israel.

This party, The National Union, speaks clearly and directly with a real Jewish soul without worrying about political correctness. Moreover, its message, which is correct from a security perspective, is correct from a Jewish perspective as well. On the other hand the Likud, including several of its key members who recently cried “we told you Gaza would turn into Hamastan”(while conveniently forgetting to mention that these same key members voted in favor of the disengagement!), speaks about a demilitarized Palestinian state with Israel controlling the border security.

Yisrael Beiteinu, although different than Likud, also supports a two-state solution and suggests the trading of large population blocs (for example, Umm Al-Fahm and the “triangle” would be transferred to the Palestinian Authority in return for Israel officially annexing some Jewish areas in Judea and Samaria.) Finally, there is The Jewish Home, which is basically a reincarnation of the increasingly parve and boring National Religious Party.

It should be obvious then that anyone who truly cares about the future of this country should be voting for The National Union on Election Day, since it is the only party that is 100% dedicated to trying to stop the madness here. For this reason I am alarmed to hear of many good intentioned right-wing voters who are ready to place their vote with either the Likud or Yisrael Beiteinu, either because they are unaware that both these parties support a two-state solution or because they think that strengthening these parties will somehow “provide the answer.” Please don't be fooled. The future of our country is at stake.

Yoel Meltzer lives in Israel and works in the finance department of a non-profit organization

Pictures of Ketzaleh on air at the Jerusalem conference & Speaking in Efrat

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hope at the Ballot Box

by David Shalom

( On February 10 Israel heads to the polls, and the good news for the Zionist public is that this time there is real hope. Indeed, this article is dedicated to those readers who despair of the enemy within. It is a guide for those who wish to stop the continued policy of retreat and surrender, and prevent the progress of the Islamic enemy at our gates. It is for those who shared my thoughts on Winograd, and the disasters that preceded Israel's defeat in Lebanon and continued with its recent failure to destroy Hamas.

Yes, dear reader, there is a party that will stand up for you this time. For those who seek a Zionist path to secure Israel's future, there can be no hesitation to give your vote to the National Union (Ichud Leumi) party.

As we enter election season, we are constantly bombarded with a plethora of platforms and promises from parties who purport to represent the values of the nationalist camp, but it is only the National Union that opposes all territorial surrender to Arab usurpers. It is only the National Union that opposes the continuation of the Oslo process. It is only the National Union that combines the ideology of Eretz Yisrael and Zionism with the personalities capable of translating those policies into real action. A vote for the National Union is the pragmatic way of translating the power of the nationalist camp into an effective political force in government.

The National Union is made up of four true right-wing nationalist parties - Moledet, Hatikva, Tekuma and Eretz Yisrael Shelanu - and is led by Yaakov Katz (the founder of Arutz Sheva and builder of Judea and Samaria) joined by MKs Uri Ariel and Professor Aryeh Eldad. The list follows with yet more men of letters and of action. Personalities like Dr. Michael Ben Ari, a scholar of Judaism and pupil of the late Rabbi Binyamin Kahane (H.y.d., z.ts.l.), as well as Uri Bank, leading Anglo activist from Moledet, television personality Avi Rat and Dr Ron Breiman, former head of Professors for a Strong Israel and long-time leading light amongst the secular nationalist public. Indeed, there are other equally worthy people on the list who hopefully will make it into the Knesset too. Thus, the party gives representation to secular and religious, Sepharadim and Ashkenazim, veteran Israelis and immigrants, to civilian and military backgrounds, to scientists and artists alike - all united in the belief in the unity of the Land of Israel for the People of Israel according to the eternal Torah of Israel.

The party platform states:

"The National Union (Ichud Leumi) is a party that strives for the full implementation of the rights of the Jewish people over its entire homeland that will provide for a public Jewish character to the State of Israel, that will realize the eternal values of the nation in the public life of the state and will work for the widespread immigration (Aliyah) of the Jewish people in exile to Israel."

There are those who would say: Should we not vote for a larger right-wing party, specifically the Likud, lest we waste our vote and thus indirectly help the Left? But this is not the case. All the polls show that the Right will be in a majority (approximately 66 mandates for the Right, compared to the 44 of the Left and 10 of the Arabs) after the elections. It is a near certainty, as much as anything in politics can be, that the Likud leader Binyamin Netanyahu will form the next government. The real uncertainty lies in what coalition he will be able to form on February 11.

The National Union will support Netanyahu in his bid for the premiership, but will make the party's entry into any coalition dependent upon the end of all territorial surrender. The National Union will be faithful to core values that include the restoration of Jewish Zionist values and education, low taxation and free market economics, combined with a social conscience. A strong National Union representation will prevent any coalition with Kadima and other leftist parties. A strong National Union will serve to balance out voices of the Left within the coalition. It will send a message to the Likud that the public doesn't want Kadima or Labour in the government. It will guarantee the end of the same old failed territory-for-terror policies.

There are those who worry that a vote for the National Union may be lost if the party does not meet the high electoral threshold for entering the Knesset. But this worry is unjustified; the National Union currently has two sitting MKs and the support of a third retiring MK (Rabbi Benny Elon), and has constantly polled significantly above the threshold by up to two seats in all surveys taken. In fact, there is no reason for this trend to stop now. Indeed, with the electoral collapse of the Bayit HaYehudi-National Religious Party, the National Union could even win an extra two or three seats. The National Union appeals to religious Zionists from Tekuma and Moledet. It also appeals to the wider secular public through its Hatikva constituent led by Professor Eldad, and it appeals to the Hareidi sector through Rabbi Dov Wolpe and Baruch Marzel's Eretz Yisrael Shelanu party, which is likely to be endorsed by Chabad.

There are then those who believe that Avigdor Lieberman will represent them better. While it is true that Mr. Lieberman is indeed a Zionist, he has not committed to vote against any and all withdrawals, and his party platform even suggests that he supports some sort of Palestinian Arab state in Western Eretz Yisrael.

The Yisrael Beiteinu party platform specifically states: "The responsibility for primarily Arab areas such as Umm Al-Fahm and the 'triangle' will be transferred to the Palestinian Authority."

In contrast, the National Union makes it clear that it believes that the entire Land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people and it will not surrender one inch of it. The National Union will actively seek to dismantle the Palestinian Authority, rather than give it more of the Land of Israel. The National Union is the only party that believes in the justice of the cause of the Jewish people in their homeland without apology. It is the only party that remains true to the ideals of Zeev Jabotinsky and Betar.

By ensuring a strong National Union presence in the Knesset, we will strengthen the hand of the next government in the face of internal and external pressures to surrender the homeland. On February 10, the Zionist reader should put the symbol tet - ט - in his envelope at the polling station.

10 reasons why I am voting for the Ichud Leumi

1. Because these people have kept their hands clean - and that's why you barely hear any of them even mentioned in the mainstream media, which is only interested in "dirty Rightwing" politicians.

2. Because from day one since their formation 10 years ago, Ichud Leumi has stood by the principle of the Land of Israel being ours by right, without apologies - another reason why the Left-controlled media refuses to give them any real publicity.

3. Because they are not a one-issue party -- they present well thought-out ideas for improving education, environment, industry, and a host of other critical issues that will appeal to a wide range of voters... one more reason why the government-funded media ignores them.

4. Because they have Aryeh Eldad on their team: an eloquent, experienced and visionary MK who has earned the respect of his colleagues across the spectrum, and who has strategic contacts abroad for the same reason.

5. Because they are headed Yaakov "Katzeleh" Katz, who doesn't just 'talk the talk' of Eretz Yisrael Shelanu but is actually living in Beit El.

6. Because they have Uri Bank on their team, who is not only capable and articulate, but is the only Anglo oleh given a realistic place on any party list from Right to Left.

7. Because Katzeleh is not afraid to say it out loud: "We are not a U.S. colony or the 51st state." (A7-News, 25/jan) It's about time we took back our national sovereignty.

8. Because they are realistic about the likelihood of Likud (again!) caving in to U.S. colonial pressure, no matter what Bibi promises during the election... and rather than moaning about it, they are prepared to be a counterweight to it.

9. Because I'm tired of people telling me not to "waste" my vote on a small party -- and then telling me this party block has great principles but no chance because "they're too small and no one will vote for them".

10. Because if enough of us get tired of that contradiction and vote "davka" for Ichud Leumi, they will receive enough clout to put those great principles on the national agenda.

See you at the polls.

Hannah Weiss

"Ariel newbie class" of 1988

Ketzaleh and Netanyahu discuss Israel's future

L-R: National Union party Chairman Yaakov Katz, Likud MK Dr. Yuval Steinitz, Likud Chairman Binyamin Netanyahu at the 2009 Jerusalem Conference

According to Israel National News: After Netanyahu's Jerusalem Conference speech, he convened with his fellow party member Dr. Yuval Steinitz and Ichud Leumi (National Union) party Chairman Yaakov Katz. Katz asked the Likud chairman what his plans are for a coalition after the Israel elections. Netanyahu responded, "We will establish a broad coalition based on all the Zionist parties - blue and orange." [Orange is the color associated with the Ichud Leumi (National Union) party and its supporters].

The meeting between Netanyahu and Katz was held in a positive atmosphere with reciprocal intentions for developing a close working relationship. Katz later told reporters, "Only a strong Ichud Leumi (National Union) in the Knesset will insure that all the good intentions of the government will be implemented."

National Union party leader Yaakov "Ketzaleh" Katz said that the way to ensure that the Likud remains nationalistically-oriented is by voting for a party to the right of it:

"In addition," Katz said, "all our strength comes from the Torah, from rabbis who are totally involved in the challenges facing our nation today. There are rabbis who say to vote for the Jewish Home, and many who endorse the National Union - but none endorse the Likud!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Eldad, Tibi Face off at Bar Ilan

by Maayana Miskin

( MK Aryeh Eldad of the National Union and MK Ahmed Tibi, Chairman of the Ra'am Ta'al Knesset faction (pictured below with Sheik Raed Salah, the leader of the Islamic Movement and a PLO/PA flag), debated at Bar Ilan University on Monday. The debate was originally scheduled to be held last week, but was postponed because Ra'am Ta'al was involved in an appeal to the High Court of an elections committee decision to ban it from running in the upcoming Knesset election.

Eldad said the conflict between Israel, the Palestinian Authority and other Arab groups is not over territory. “Our mistake is in thinking that the Israel-Palestinian conflict is territorial and that if we draw a line between Jews and Arabs everything will be solved. This is a mistake! The conflict is a religious war and it's about opposing the people of Israel's right to have a state at all,” he told the crowd.

"Arabs are not traitors in the state of Israel,” Eldad continued. “They are the enemy in the state of Israel.” Arabs in Israel who seek to undermine the nature of the state should be transferred to Jordan, “where most Palestinians are located,” he determined.

The solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict is “ending the occupation,” Eldad said. “I mean the Arab occupation of the land of Israel 1,300 years ago,” he clarified. “Large parts of the land of Israel are still under occupation: Gaza, Hevron, the Temple Mount and the like.”

Tibi attacked Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria. “They are the true poison, that tries to cement the occupation,” he accused.

"The settlers — not a single one of them will remain,” in Judea and Samaria, Tibi predicted. “They will all be expelled or make a diplomatic deal with the state of Israel.”

Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria who wish to remain in their homes may seek citizenship in “Palestine” after such a state is created, Tibi said. Eldad ridiculed the suggestion, saying, “A Jew wouldn't live more than a few minutes before being killed under a Palestinian regime, as Fatah supporters did not survive under Hamas.”

Word is getting out

People have noticed the Ichud Leumi English campaign and are supporting it. Here you can see some of what is being written in the Jblogosphere.

My Glorious Brothers

(This article was written by Dr. Ron Breiman and originally published on the Arutz Sheva/Israel National News website. Dr. Breiman is a former chairman of Professors for a Strong Israel and stands for election in the #8 spot on the Ichud Leumi list.)

By Dr. Ron Breiman

Israel is again at war. Also, again, we see national agreement about the necessity of this war. We see the disgusting phenomenon of Israelis identifying with their enemies, and even raising their flags, with the consent of the Supreme Court and the police.

We also see patriotic Israelis who, with pride, carry the burden and pay the price of a war imposed on us by the enemy. We clearly see the heavy price paid by those living in Judea, Samaria and Gaza among the fallen. One has to be impressed, and humbled at the same time, by the manner in which the families of those killed in action accept their heavy loss as the price of the honor of protecting and maintaining the security of Israel.

As a settler in Ramat Aviv, in north Tel Aviv, I take off the hat that I do not wear in honor and respect for my glorious brothers; those who carry the vision of settling the Land of Israel and risk their lives in the battles of Israel. It is totally clear that a Zionist and nationalist education, combined with pride in our heritage, provides values and dedication to the entire community, far more than an education that is merely an individual necessity.

All those who saw the TV program Politika on January 6, 2009, could not help but be astonished by the pathetic questions posed by the interviewer, Oded Shachar, implying the so-called "death" of Zionism. On the other hand, one had to be impressed by the vigorous response by Professor Ruth Gabizon, whose personal opinions are not "right-wing", but strongly in favor of Zionism.

In the Israeli reality, it is correct to classify the public into Zionists and those who disregard Zionism (now called "post-Zionists"). Therefore, the vision of Zionism is the real answer to the fantasy illusions of Peace Now.

Many people are confused about the division between nationalist Zionism and religious Zionism. One who identifies his- or herself as "national-religious" will most likely be identified also with the nationalist Zionist camp. But not all who are nationalist Zionists are religious Zionists. The nationalist Zionist camp is much broader and not limited only to the national-religious. One of the most common distortions in the Hebrew-language media is the identification that it creates between right-wing and religious, and between "settlers" and religious, as if there are no right-wingers or "settlers" who are non-religious.

On the other hand, there is yet another mistaken concept among many good people in the national-religious community regarding the non-religious members of what is known as the "Orange Camp" - the belief that there are none. Contributing to this is the claim, which is true, that the number of non-religious people who participate in demonstrations of the nationalist Zionist camp is small. But when those demonstrations have a religious theme, and the language of those demonstrations is religious - at times, even including a demand of separation between men and women - it becomes difficult for a secular "Orange" Zionist to take part.

It is on this background that the Hatikva Party was founded, to provide an address for secular "Orange" voters; but not only for them. This party has a responsibility and an obligation to make sure that no nationalist Zionist voter will be lost. We called upon other people to join and together form a Jewish nationalist list, but we stood very firmly on the principle that the list would not be identified as a religious list, but as a general one. Therefore, in the 2009 elections, the Ichud Leumi (National Union) Party will stand together as a single unit - religious and secular - without any fear at all.

In the war now taking place (despite a so-called ceasefire on January 18) it is obvious that many of the errors of the Lebanon War of 2006 have been taken into consideration. This is accurate only from the military point of view, but on the political and propaganda side of things, it seems to be a repetition of the 2006 war. The same Foreign Minister, Tzipi Livni - a full partner in the failed leadership of that war, as she was the architect of the miserable UN Resolution 1701 - still does not understand her past errors and learn from them. She is on the same path to a similar political end; namely, yet another victory handed to the enemy. In the midst of this war, she repeats her stupidity about the vision she has of two states carved out of our tiny State of Israel.

It is immoral to run a war this way, for IDF soldiers to risk their lives in order for the Gaza Strip to be handed over to the Palestinian Terror Authority. A weaker Hamas is to be preferred to a stronger terrorist group under Mahmoud Abbas ("Abu Mazen").

He who endangers his life in order to defend the people of southern Israel, in a war caused by the expulsion of the Jews of Gush Katif, is doing so out of a feeling of Zionist national responsibility. He is definitely not doing so in order that, at some later date, the left-wing with Livni in charge can lead Israel to yet another expulsion of the Jews from Judea and Samaria. This view is common to all nationalist Zionists, be they religious or secular. The nationalist Zionist camp has to return Israel to Zionism - without any fear at all.

Ketzaleh gives a message of hope in Efrat

by Staff

On Thursday, January 22nd, party leader Yaakov "Ketzaleh" Katz kicked off the Ichud Leumi English language campaign wih a talk in the Mishkan Tzipora Synagogue in the Gush Etzion town of Efrat.

Ketzaleh spoke about the need to continue the work that he started in building up the country since the 1967 Six-Day War. He reminded his audience that even though things may seem dark now, it is important to remember how far we have come in so short a time. In a period when our political leaders can make such statements as "We are tired of fighting; we are tired of being courageous; we are tired of winning; we are tired of defeating our enemies." (Ehud Olmert at the Israel Policy Forum in June 2005), it is refreshing to hear a message of hope and accomplishment once again. The Ichud Leumi is truly standing strong for a return to Zionism.

English language campaign manger Yehuda Hakohen introducing Ketzaleh to the crowd.

Ketzaleh speaking words of encouragement and Zionism to the residents of Efrat.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bibi Netanyahu voting in favor of disengagemnt

While the Ichud Leumi tried to prevent the disengagement, stating that it would result in large scale attacks and war, Bibi Netanyahu voted for expelling thousands of Jews from their homes in favor of Arab terrorist organizations. 

In the news

Eldad Campaigns in Jerusalem with Snakes

Reported: 16:28 PM - Jan/25/09

( MK Aryeh Eldad campaigned for the National Union party Sunday in Jerusalem with snakes. Eldad wanted to emphasize the National Union motto of "With No Fear" by showing that it is possible to overcome our fear of snakes.

Eldad added: "We cannot fear our enemies within and without, we cannot fear the Supreme Court. We shouldn't fear to settle Israel, nor fear the UN or the US."

Thursday, January 22, 2009

See MK Dr. Aryeh Eldad at the JPost debate on Sunday

Aryeh Eldad will be speaking at the JPost debate in Ra'anana January 25th
- Achuzat Bayit 269 Ahuza. 8:00 PM. Contact Dov Kass for details 050-871-1334

The National Union reborn

Organizing our campaign

Ask your computer how you should vote

Ynet is sponsoring a very interesting experimental web-application
that determines the best party affiliation for you based on your
answers to a number of questions regarding political figures,
government policy and political/social policy. You can find it
online here.

Meet the candidates

Yaakov “Ketzaleh” Katz is a pioneer, war hero and builder of Israel. During the Yom Kippur War, while serving in the elite Shaked commando unit, Ketzaleh lost his left leg after taking a direct hit from an Egyptian RPG. As a founder and leader of Gush Emunim, he was the driving force behind the building of many Jewish communities throughout Judea, Samaria, the Gaza region and greater Jerusalem, serving as a senior advisor to then Housing & Construction Minister Ariel Sharon. Ketzaleh has also played a crucial role in affording the national camp a voice in the Israeli media by founding Arutz 7 and continuously working to keep it independent. As a frequent guest to Diaspora communities, Ketzaleh serves as a representative of the Jewish state and works to strengthen the bond between Jews in Israel and abroad.

Uri Ariel has waged the struggle for Greater Israel for several decades, both as a leader of the YESHA council and as Secretary General for the building division of Batei Amana. A member of Knesset since 2001, Ariel has worked tirelessly within the political system for Jewish rights to the Land of Israel, freedom for Jonathan Pollard and relief for Jews expelled from the Gaza region and northern Samaria.

Professor Arieh Eldad has served as the Chief Medical Officer of the IDF (with the rank of Brigadier General) and Director of the Plastic Surgery and Burns Department at Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem. Since entering the Knesset in 2003, he has not only fought valiantly against attempts to shrink Israel’s borders but has also been recognized as Israel’s most tenacious opponent of government corruption, a role for which he has won acclaim and admiration from all sides of Israel’s political spectrum. E

ldad chaired the Knesset’s Ethics Committee and lobbies for public personas as role models, the struggle against corruption in the public sector and for public health. During the months leading up to the expu

lsion of Jews from the Gaza region and northern Samaria, he was the only member of Knesset to call upon the public to engage in acts of civil disobedience.

Dr. Michael Ben-Ari is a highly respected

scholar of classical Jewish history. Having spent several years working in the fields of education and academic research, Ben-Ari has established a number of educational institutions and is a freque

nt lecturer at Bar-Ilan University on subjects of archaeology and Land of Israel studies.

Uri Bank is a veteran activist who has been involved in parliamentary issues for several years, working extensively on legislation, serving as director of the Ichud Leumi-Yisrael Beiteinu Knesset faction and as a senior advisor to Tourism Minister Benny Elon. Bank immigrated to Israel from the United States at the age of twelve and decided in stay on at

seventeen after his family returned to the United States. He served in the IDF and continues to serve as a volunteer tank commander in miluim, including a current stint during Operation Cast Lead (despite his age and candidacy for Knesset exempting him from reserve duty). Bank has fought for immigrant rights and tax exemptions through legislation within the political system. On the diplomatic front, Bank is one of the prime movers behind the Israeli Initiative – the only comprehensive peace plan brought forth as an alternative to the failed Oslo Accords paradigm.

Alon Davidi is a Sderot resident and city councilman who has been a leading activist in educating the Israeli public to the current plight of Israel’s south. He dedicates most of his time to his beleaguered city, teaching in the Sderot Hesder Yeshiva and organizing community events. Davidi is also a founder and leader of the committee for Sderot security.

Ketzaleh get blessings from leading Rabbis

Party leader Ketzaleh recently made a trip up north to receive endorsements from leading Rabbis including the Vihznitzer Rebbe and Rav Abuchatzeira Shlit"a.

Pictured: Rabbi David Druckman Shlit"a kissing Ketzaleh and giving him a personal blessing.
You can see the full article online at Chabad's Israeli website by clicking here.

In the Jblogosphere

Almost Eden has written a guide to be an informed voter on his blog. In this post he discusses the איחוד לאומי and provides links to some very interesting material about us. It is worth reading.

Click here for the link.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Twittering our way to the Knesset

You can now follow the Ichud Leumi (N.U.) on Twitter.

The Ichud Leumi: Now on Facebook

The Ichud Leumi is now on Facebook. You can join our group to take part in discussion, receive updates and connect with other supporters of the Ichud Leumi revival of Zionist values.

Uri Bank- citizen soldier

When Knesset candidate Uri Bank (#5 Ichud Leumi list) was twelve years old, his family made aliyah. When he was eighteen, his family no longer lived in Israel, yet he stayed and volunteered for the tank corp. Now, at age forty, he serves as a reservist. What is the big deal, you may ask? Uri has passed the age of mandatory "miluim" and serves as a combat soldier one month out of every year voluntarily.

During the recent Gaza War, Uri was called up to serve his country, and during election season he went, even though he could avoid the call with honor and respect. He went because he believes in this country. Uri was willing to put his campaign on hold and leave his family to serve his nation because he believes that serving in the army to protect Am Yisrael comes before politics as usual. This is a stance that we can all learn from. Uri Bank is truly a citizen soldier and whether in the field or in the Knesset, he will do his best to serve his people with honesty, integrity and self-sacrifice.

The blog esser agaroth ran a piece on Uri that I will quote here.

When Uri Bank was called up formillu'im (IDF reserve duty) on Sunday, he went.

So did hundreds of others. So what, you may ask, is the big deal?

You see, Uri Bank is also a candidate running for K'nesseth (Israeli Parliament), holding the #5 spot on the National Union/HaTikvah Party list.

He could be out there campaigning. Time is of the essence. Elections are only a month away. But rather than try to finagle his way out of it, he met his obligation, and went to serve along side the thousands of other reservists who have recently been called up.

A source within the National Union campaign revealed that in a personal conversation, Uri said, "It's my duty."

Born in Detroit, and raised in Chicago, Uri made aliyah with his family at the age of 12. Years later, when his parents needed to return to the U. S., Uri opted to stay, and to serve in the IDF as ahayal boded (soldier alone in Israel).

Now, in millu'im, while the IDF attempts to stop the rocket fire and all other Hamas terrorist action hailing from AzzaUri Bankonce again demonstrates that he stands by his principles.

Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu endorses Ketzaleh

Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu, the Rishon L'Tzion and a respected leader of the national camp has endorsed Ketzaleh. The following is a copy of the Rabbi's endorsement. 

Rav Eliyahu endorsement

JPost "The only candidate Anglos can 'Bank' on?"

The JPost discusses Uri Bank

Ketzaleh speaking in Efrat on Thursday

Come and hear “Ketzaleh”, the head of the Ichud Leumi Knesset list, the Executive Director of Beit El Yeshiva Center Institutions and Arutz-Sheva/Israel National News, who will be coming to Efrat and will speak in ENGLISH in order to explain why it is critical to vote for the Ichud Leumi in the upcoming elections

The meeting will take place on Thursday, January 22nd  at 8:00 PM in the Mishkan Tzipora Shul in the Zayit

(next to the Orot Etzion Girls school)

For more information, please call:

Alan Simanowitz 054-6769802 or Dov Kass 050-8711334


Welcome to the English language website of the Ichud Leumi (National Union) party. The Ichud Leumi – the National Union, as its name implies, represents a broad consensus of the Israeli public that believes in the vital importance of safeguarding the security and national heritage of the Jewish People in the State of Israel.  Unlike other parties that have fractured into splinter groups based on the personal interests of individual figures, Ichud Leumi has demonstrated that our leaders' priority is a united, strong and effective Right under the traditional banners of Zionist and Jewish values.  We include religious and secular candidates, immigrants and native Israelis, men and women, those who emphasize the right of the Jewish People to live safely and proudly in all of the Land of Israel, and those whose priority is to strengthen the educational and social framework of the Jewish State. Together our candidates offer a practical platform of security, social and economic goals and accomplishments, representing the only major party that has stayed true to the ideals that have always defined the National Camp.


1. Jewish Identity

  • The Jewish identity of the nation must be expressed in all facets of social life, education, culture, personal status and legislation.
  • The party will promote the deepening of the eternal values of the Bible in the life of the nation.
  • Israel is a Jewish AND democratic state - and as such will safeguard equal rights for all its citizens.
  • The image of Shabbat will be safeguarded in the State of Israel.
  • Religious services will be returned to proper levels in Israel: rabbis, mikveh facilities, kashrut and municipal authorities that oversee religious matters.
  • Opposition to civil marriages and to conversions that do not conform to Jewish law are conditions for unity of the Jewish people.
  • The status quo in religious and national affairs will be maintained, which will guarantee the Jewish character of the State of Israel. Added legislation in these areas will be proposed with wide national agreement.

2. The Land of Zion and Jerusalem

  • The Land of Israel is the homeland of the Jewish people, founded on the basis of the Bible and our historical heritage.
  • The party will act to encourage Jewish immigration to Israel and absorption, and to strengthen Jewish settlement in all territories of the Land of Israel.
  • Israeli sovereignty will gradually be extended over all sections of the Land of Israel that are under Israeli control.
  • Israeli law and jurisdiction will be immediately extended over the local and regional municipalities in Judea and Samaria.
  • Jerusalem, the eternal capital of the Jewish people, will be preserved in its entirety under Israeli sovereignty. The party will expedite the strengthening and development of Jewish settlement in all parts of the city.
  • The party will work to prevent the erosion of Israeli sovereignty and to enforce the nation's laws, in Jerusalem in general, and on the Temple Mount in particular.

3. Foreign Policy and Security

  • The right of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel is inseparably intertwined with their right to peace and security.
  • After the constant and consistent Arab violations of the Oslo, Wye and Hevron agreements, after the failure of the Camp David Accord, after the Oslo and Second Lebanon wars that claimed so many victims, and after the rise of Hamas to power in the Palestinian Authority - it is necessary to view all the agreements and commitments to the PA signed by the State of Israel as null and void.
  • There will be no establishment of a foreign state between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea.
  • The State of Israel must strive to achieve peace agreements with all of its neighbors, but not at the price of security for its citizens.
  • The party will act to solidify the national camp around a realistic regional peace plan.
  • The party deplores and condemns the uprooting and forced transfer of thousands of Jews from their homes in Gush Katif and northern Samaria, the destruction of their vibrant communities and the burning of their synagogues.
  • There will be no uprooting of Jewish communities and no surrender of parts of the Land of Israel in any subsequent Israeli government led by the party.

4. Education

  • The party will raise education to its proper place - as a top national priority. Resources will be invested in closing educational gaps and improving the achievement levels of Israeli pupils, by placing an emphasis on nurturing character and personality in the pupils and developing their creativity.
  • Education in Jewish heritage and Zionist values will be deepened in every school in Israel, religious and non-religious alike.
  • The meal-production program will be reinstated, and a long school day will be instituted in appropriate locations.
  • The standing of Israeli teachers will be improved, reserving the most qualitative individual for education and giving them incentives to join this field.
  • Parents' payments will be cancelled, and the Free Education Law will be enforced in both general and religious educational systems.
  • The party will prevent detriment to the ideological and structural independence of state-religious education.
  • The party will block any plan to close any programs that combine torah study with army duty, and will continue their development.
  • The party will continue the development of youth movements that educate towards and embody Jewish and Zionistic values.

5. The Supreme Court

  • The status of the legislative branch of government will be enhanced, and the erosion of the Knesset by the Courts' incursion into its domain will be stopped.
  • As long as the existing violations of the balance between the judicial, the executive and the legislative branches are not corrected by legislation, the party will object to a constitution that gives the Supreme Court the authority to nullify laws.
  • The party will support changes in the method of choosing Supreme Court judges.

6. Economics and Society

  • A healthy economy is a means to maintaining a civilized society founded on principles of morality, social justice and the avoidance of exploitation of the individual.
  • The party will act to safeguard the stability of the economy while striving to reduce Israel's economic dependence on the United States.
  • The party will implement an economic policy that will ensure the continued growth of the economy and increase productivity and output.
  • Assistance will be extended to manufacturers, particularly those involved in industrial exports and the high tech industry.
  • Improvements will be made in the handling of factories that are struggling financially.
  • Resources will be invested in the development of tourism centers, in promoting incoming tourism and internal tourism, and in supporting tourism in rural areas and at archaeological sites.

7. The Struggle against Poverty

  • The party will act to reduce unemployment.
  • The party will lead the way in concern for the elderly, the handicapped, and the underprivileged and alienated youth.
  • The party will act to institute negative income tax, to increase minimum wage and to return old age pensions to their former level.
  • The Women's organization Emunah will be expanded and developed, more day care centers will be opened and the cost to parents will be lessened.

8. Housing Assistance

  • The supply of reasonably priced housing possibilities will be expanded for large families, young couples, released soldiers, new immigrants and yeshiva students.
  • Mortgages will be offered at preferred rates to young couples who have served in the army or have done National Service.
  • The party will make every effort to solve the housing problem of the younger generation in Israel by way of: land rezoning, building associations and government actions that will provide more affordable housing.

9. Fighting Corruption

  • The party sees fairness and credibility as essential elements of a clean administration and will aspire to be an example of truth, humility and personal and public integrity.
  • In order to prevent moral corruption in Public life in Israel, the party will ensure that transparency is improved and will work to prevent conflicts of interest.

10. Justice

  • The party will act to erase the disgraceful abandonment of the Israeli agent Jonathan Pollard, who has been languishing in an American jail for over two decades.
  • The evacuation-compensation law will be changed and the injustice done to the Jewish refugees from Gush Katif will be corrected.
  • A concentrated effort will be made immediately to rehabilitate those who have been uprooted: in employment, housing, education and in whatever else is necessary.
  • The party will act to reinstate Child Allowance, under the framework of the National Insurance Institute, for parents who have served in the army or have done National Service.