Wednesday, January 28, 2009

10 reasons why I am voting for the Ichud Leumi

1. Because these people have kept their hands clean - and that's why you barely hear any of them even mentioned in the mainstream media, which is only interested in "dirty Rightwing" politicians.

2. Because from day one since their formation 10 years ago, Ichud Leumi has stood by the principle of the Land of Israel being ours by right, without apologies - another reason why the Left-controlled media refuses to give them any real publicity.

3. Because they are not a one-issue party -- they present well thought-out ideas for improving education, environment, industry, and a host of other critical issues that will appeal to a wide range of voters... one more reason why the government-funded media ignores them.

4. Because they have Aryeh Eldad on their team: an eloquent, experienced and visionary MK who has earned the respect of his colleagues across the spectrum, and who has strategic contacts abroad for the same reason.

5. Because they are headed Yaakov "Katzeleh" Katz, who doesn't just 'talk the talk' of Eretz Yisrael Shelanu but is actually living in Beit El.

6. Because they have Uri Bank on their team, who is not only capable and articulate, but is the only Anglo oleh given a realistic place on any party list from Right to Left.

7. Because Katzeleh is not afraid to say it out loud: "We are not a U.S. colony or the 51st state." (A7-News, 25/jan) It's about time we took back our national sovereignty.

8. Because they are realistic about the likelihood of Likud (again!) caving in to U.S. colonial pressure, no matter what Bibi promises during the election... and rather than moaning about it, they are prepared to be a counterweight to it.

9. Because I'm tired of people telling me not to "waste" my vote on a small party -- and then telling me this party block has great principles but no chance because "they're too small and no one will vote for them".

10. Because if enough of us get tired of that contradiction and vote "davka" for Ichud Leumi, they will receive enough clout to put those great principles on the national agenda.

See you at the polls.

Hannah Weiss

"Ariel newbie class" of 1988

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