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Welcome to the English language website of the Ichud Leumi (National Union) party. The Ichud Leumi – the National Union, as its name implies, represents a broad consensus of the Israeli public that believes in the vital importance of safeguarding the security and national heritage of the Jewish People in the State of Israel.  Unlike other parties that have fractured into splinter groups based on the personal interests of individual figures, Ichud Leumi has demonstrated that our leaders' priority is a united, strong and effective Right under the traditional banners of Zionist and Jewish values.  We include religious and secular candidates, immigrants and native Israelis, men and women, those who emphasize the right of the Jewish People to live safely and proudly in all of the Land of Israel, and those whose priority is to strengthen the educational and social framework of the Jewish State. Together our candidates offer a practical platform of security, social and economic goals and accomplishments, representing the only major party that has stayed true to the ideals that have always defined the National Camp.


1. Jewish Identity

  • The Jewish identity of the nation must be expressed in all facets of social life, education, culture, personal status and legislation.
  • The party will promote the deepening of the eternal values of the Bible in the life of the nation.
  • Israel is a Jewish AND democratic state - and as such will safeguard equal rights for all its citizens.
  • The image of Shabbat will be safeguarded in the State of Israel.
  • Religious services will be returned to proper levels in Israel: rabbis, mikveh facilities, kashrut and municipal authorities that oversee religious matters.
  • Opposition to civil marriages and to conversions that do not conform to Jewish law are conditions for unity of the Jewish people.
  • The status quo in religious and national affairs will be maintained, which will guarantee the Jewish character of the State of Israel. Added legislation in these areas will be proposed with wide national agreement.

2. The Land of Zion and Jerusalem

  • The Land of Israel is the homeland of the Jewish people, founded on the basis of the Bible and our historical heritage.
  • The party will act to encourage Jewish immigration to Israel and absorption, and to strengthen Jewish settlement in all territories of the Land of Israel.
  • Israeli sovereignty will gradually be extended over all sections of the Land of Israel that are under Israeli control.
  • Israeli law and jurisdiction will be immediately extended over the local and regional municipalities in Judea and Samaria.
  • Jerusalem, the eternal capital of the Jewish people, will be preserved in its entirety under Israeli sovereignty. The party will expedite the strengthening and development of Jewish settlement in all parts of the city.
  • The party will work to prevent the erosion of Israeli sovereignty and to enforce the nation's laws, in Jerusalem in general, and on the Temple Mount in particular.

3. Foreign Policy and Security

  • The right of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel is inseparably intertwined with their right to peace and security.
  • After the constant and consistent Arab violations of the Oslo, Wye and Hevron agreements, after the failure of the Camp David Accord, after the Oslo and Second Lebanon wars that claimed so many victims, and after the rise of Hamas to power in the Palestinian Authority - it is necessary to view all the agreements and commitments to the PA signed by the State of Israel as null and void.
  • There will be no establishment of a foreign state between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea.
  • The State of Israel must strive to achieve peace agreements with all of its neighbors, but not at the price of security for its citizens.
  • The party will act to solidify the national camp around a realistic regional peace plan.
  • The party deplores and condemns the uprooting and forced transfer of thousands of Jews from their homes in Gush Katif and northern Samaria, the destruction of their vibrant communities and the burning of their synagogues.
  • There will be no uprooting of Jewish communities and no surrender of parts of the Land of Israel in any subsequent Israeli government led by the party.

4. Education

  • The party will raise education to its proper place - as a top national priority. Resources will be invested in closing educational gaps and improving the achievement levels of Israeli pupils, by placing an emphasis on nurturing character and personality in the pupils and developing their creativity.
  • Education in Jewish heritage and Zionist values will be deepened in every school in Israel, religious and non-religious alike.
  • The meal-production program will be reinstated, and a long school day will be instituted in appropriate locations.
  • The standing of Israeli teachers will be improved, reserving the most qualitative individual for education and giving them incentives to join this field.
  • Parents' payments will be cancelled, and the Free Education Law will be enforced in both general and religious educational systems.
  • The party will prevent detriment to the ideological and structural independence of state-religious education.
  • The party will block any plan to close any programs that combine torah study with army duty, and will continue their development.
  • The party will continue the development of youth movements that educate towards and embody Jewish and Zionistic values.

5. The Supreme Court

  • The status of the legislative branch of government will be enhanced, and the erosion of the Knesset by the Courts' incursion into its domain will be stopped.
  • As long as the existing violations of the balance between the judicial, the executive and the legislative branches are not corrected by legislation, the party will object to a constitution that gives the Supreme Court the authority to nullify laws.
  • The party will support changes in the method of choosing Supreme Court judges.

6. Economics and Society

  • A healthy economy is a means to maintaining a civilized society founded on principles of morality, social justice and the avoidance of exploitation of the individual.
  • The party will act to safeguard the stability of the economy while striving to reduce Israel's economic dependence on the United States.
  • The party will implement an economic policy that will ensure the continued growth of the economy and increase productivity and output.
  • Assistance will be extended to manufacturers, particularly those involved in industrial exports and the high tech industry.
  • Improvements will be made in the handling of factories that are struggling financially.
  • Resources will be invested in the development of tourism centers, in promoting incoming tourism and internal tourism, and in supporting tourism in rural areas and at archaeological sites.

7. The Struggle against Poverty

  • The party will act to reduce unemployment.
  • The party will lead the way in concern for the elderly, the handicapped, and the underprivileged and alienated youth.
  • The party will act to institute negative income tax, to increase minimum wage and to return old age pensions to their former level.
  • The Women's organization Emunah will be expanded and developed, more day care centers will be opened and the cost to parents will be lessened.

8. Housing Assistance

  • The supply of reasonably priced housing possibilities will be expanded for large families, young couples, released soldiers, new immigrants and yeshiva students.
  • Mortgages will be offered at preferred rates to young couples who have served in the army or have done National Service.
  • The party will make every effort to solve the housing problem of the younger generation in Israel by way of: land rezoning, building associations and government actions that will provide more affordable housing.

9. Fighting Corruption

  • The party sees fairness and credibility as essential elements of a clean administration and will aspire to be an example of truth, humility and personal and public integrity.
  • In order to prevent moral corruption in Public life in Israel, the party will ensure that transparency is improved and will work to prevent conflicts of interest.

10. Justice

  • The party will act to erase the disgraceful abandonment of the Israeli agent Jonathan Pollard, who has been languishing in an American jail for over two decades.
  • The evacuation-compensation law will be changed and the injustice done to the Jewish refugees from Gush Katif will be corrected.
  • A concentrated effort will be made immediately to rehabilitate those who have been uprooted: in employment, housing, education and in whatever else is necessary.
  • The party will act to reinstate Child Allowance, under the framework of the National Insurance Institute, for parents who have served in the army or have done National Service.



    I have written a book (498 pages) ISLAM: EVIL IN THE NAME OF GOD for your consideration exposing the truth and very grave danger posed to all freedom loving peoples by Islam.

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    Israel is fighting for its national existence not only from Iran but from a book called the Koran.

    These are not teachings that are historical niceties that can be ignored. They are Israel’s reality. Israel is on the front line of Global Jihad. The Koran is a spear aimed at the heart of Israel just as much as Iranian nukes.


    There can be no peace with Palestinians without destroying the Koran. Israel will be surrendering land for war not land for peace. Israel needs to make the Koran the centre of any peace agreement. The Koran is Islam's Mein Kampf.



    These conditions are explained in Chapter 34. Following is a short listing:

    1. Islam is a 7th century ideology whose prime directive is the extermination of ALL kafirs from face of the earth. All Muslims believe that the Koran was written by God - that every word was written by God and can never be changed. Palestinians must declare that the Koran is NOT the divine, timeless word of God.

    2. Palestinians must declare that only a God of Moral Perfection is God and sign the Declaration of a God of Moral Perfection (See Chapter 1)

    3 Bring to an end the 1400 year old war against the kafirs.
    This means the renouncing, denouncing and removing from the Koran the close to 1000 fascist teachings of violence, terror, war, death and destruction, violent jihad, murder.

    4. Renouncing, denouncing and removing from the Koran all teachings of the oppression, subjugation and repression of women.

    5. Renouncing, denouncing and removing from the Koran all teachings of raping of kafir women:

    6. Renouncing, denouncing and removing from the Koran all teachings of slavery.

    7. Renouncing, denouncing and removing from the Koran all teachings of looting and pillaging and sharing the profit received from selling looted property and slaves with God.

    8. Renouncing, denouncing and removing from the Koran all teachings of brutality.

    9. Renouncing, denouncing and removing from the Koran all teachings of hate, inequality and racism

    10. Renouncing, denouncing and removing from the Koran (and Islam) all teachings of murdering Apostates of Islam. The total and complete right of Muslims to leave Islam.

    11. Renouncing, denouncing and removing from the Koran all teachings of polygamy.

    12. The complete eradication of the sexually depraved Islamic Paradise of virgins who are to service the Men of Allah for all eternity.

    13 The total and complete destruction of Sharia Law and its replacement by separation of religion and state and democracy and freedom.

    14 The complete implementation of the Golden Rule in Islam and applying the Ten Commandments to kafirs

    15 Renouncing, denouncing and removing from the Koran all teachings of honour killing. Murdering one’s child is murdering all mankind.

    16. Establishment of the rule of law including: a. All humanity is created equal.
    b. Women are equal to men.
    c. Kafirs are equal to Muslims.
    d. All humanity regardless of race or colour is equal each to the other

    If the Koran is not made an integral part of any agreement then Israel will be committing national suicide. The fate of Western Civilization hangs in the balance. Make no mistake the stakes are that high.

    The future of Israel and Western Civilization are at stake.

  2. Get the spies out!
    by Barry Chamish
    I am a proud Conservative Jew who has stood up for the Orthodox for fifteen years, mostly because their Jewish oppressors, or the leaders of Israel, were much, much worse and they were far more moral than their enemies were. But how can I defend the Orthodox any more when they have become intellectually irrational, no, just plain wacky?
    Look what happened in Jerusalem last week. Baruch Marzel and Itamar Ben Gvir, led a march of a couple of dozen followers in the Silwan neighborhood of East Jerusalem. Three hundred policeman accompanied them, and when riots broke out, seven were hospitalized along with a few Arab protesters. Here is the Marzel/Ben Gvir reaction:

    "Nationalist activists Baruch Marzel and Itamar Ben-Gvir proclaimed at the end of their hour-long march in the Silwan neighborhood of Jerusalem Sunday, �We have made it clear today who has sovereignty over Jerusalem.� Three hundred Jews lived in Silwan in an area named after convicted spy Jonathan Pollard. Their contention was that if Arabs can live in Jewish neighborhoods in Israel, then it's only fair that Jews can live in Arab neighborhoods. A logical and right argument. They vigorously opposed the march, and how right they were. Here is the result the next day:

    12:12 Tensions high as Jerusalem municipality inspectors measure Beit Yehonathan in Silwan for eviction (Guysen.International.News)
    Jerusalem municipal inspectors accompanied by security forces are taking measurements in Beit Yehonatan in east Jerusalem's Silwan neighborhood. The building's residents were told the inspectors were setting the ground for eviction and enclosure orders. Once again the Orthodox were bitten in the neck by Marzel/Ben Gvir. After fifteen years of these cretins defending government crimes, of appearing to be on their side, but of clearly pushing anti-Orthodox agendas, you'd think the Orthodox would understand these "radical" leaders were given to them by the government. They have shown their ugly faces by creating committees to liberate the likes of Yigal Amir and Baruch Goldstein as justified murderers, when their crimes were created by the government and they were deliberately part of the coverup.
    The ugliest example of the use Marzel/Ben Gvir was in the expulsion of Jews from Gush Katif. Ben Gvir showed up at the headquarters of the demonstrators, was arrested, while his gang hung a poster reading, Muhammed Is A Pig. Inevitably the nearby Arabs rioted and the police moved in to arrest and remove the legitimate Jewish protesters.
    Which is precisely what happened in Silwan last week.
    Ben Gvir was not the only agent at work against the Orthodox of Gush Katif/Gaza. There were the leaders of the Yesha Council, Pinchas Wallerstein and Benzi Lieberman. Of Wallerstein, he recently quit his leadership position after no one backed his position that the housing freeze in Yesha was a terrific idea. Previously, Lieberman testified in court that he worked with Israel Police to assure that no protesters would ever make it to Gush Katif.